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Rochester Experience

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The Rochester Experience is a guided tour of the school campus, where you will see our LEED Platinum quality facilities and learn more about our educational model.

Tuesday and Wedrcolleagues from 8:30 a.m. at 11:30 a.m..m.

For applicants to PRE-KINDERGARTEN 2024-25, it is important to start the admission process as soon as possible, since we will close admissions in December 2023.

¿Para qué el Rochester?

The strategic plan is based on three main pillars, and for each pillar there is an objective.


Pillar 1

Healthy and Sustainable Environment: 


Rochester College is established as a LEED Platinum sustainable campus where relationships inspire teamwork, dependability, safety, inclusion, happiness, connection, and achievable challenges.

Collaborative learning

Pilar 2

Useful and Quality Work and Learning for Life and the World: 


Rochester is an accredited international school, focused on applying and improving knowledge in real-life situations with a global, intercultural and multilingual perspective, through schoolwork, and experiences that are perceived as useful, engaging and of high quality by part of students, parents, teachers and staff.

Happiness and success

Pillar 3

Internal Responsibility Towards Happiness and Success: 


Teachers, staff, students, and parents are mentally healthy and happy, use Choice Theory to add quality to their daily lives, and evaluate themselves professionally, using methods that include the basic needs and wants of others and community.

We focus the Skills on:

  • Interact politely and productively with colleagues.

  • Develop fully bilingual skills in English and Spanish, when listening, reading, speaking and writing.

  • Use mathematics to solve narrated problems.

  • Develop skills in music, visual arts, dance and theater.

  • Integrate motor skills, hearing and vision for optimal visual learning.

  • Swim in the four styles and practice common sports for optimal physical development.

  • Develop scientific thinking by using knowledge of natural, social and computational sciences to solve real problems.

  • Develop a sense of service toward others, strengthen your relationship with God, and, optionally, make the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion.


Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Admission Process

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Sixth Grade
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Seventh Grade
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Tenth Grade
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Eleventh Grade
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Twelfth Grade
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Inspire and educate students to take control of their lives with the world in mind.

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