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“Changes in a Simple Circuit†by 6th Gradersâ€

In Term 8, students from 6th Grade developed another Integrated Project between Math and Physics. They used the Phet simulation platform to perform experiments in a simple circuit, increasing and decreasing the values of the voltage and the resistance, as well as analyzing what was happening with the current. 

Subsequently, students created tables and graphs using Geogebra to illustrate the behavior of the 3 variables from the simulation and analyzed the interdependence between those variables. 

The final product of the project was an amazing Magazine, showing the results of the simulations, the tables, the graphs, the behaviour of the variables and the theoretical analysis of a simple circuit. 

With this Integrated Project, students were able to creatively learn once more how Physics and Math are connected by representing the changes in a simple circuit (a topic studied in Physics classes) with tables and graphs in Geogebra (a topic studied in Math classes). ¡Congratulations!

Aida Ostos & Sthefano Venga Middle School and High School  Physics Teacher                      6th Grade Math Teacher

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