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4th Grade Students creatively produced small choreographies of a repertoire of Colombian music

Let’s celebrate! After six months of work, the on-campus students have again the opportunity to play instruments, sing, and play together physically, and the home learning students are making and using instruments made of reusable material. In both modalities we are preparing short choreographies of a repertoire of Colombian music. This theme has been the excuse to enjoy and acquire more knowledge about the folklore and traditions of our country. We are also connecting with the Colombian Social Science class to better understand the instruments and its geographical region. 

Resumen:  Luego de seis meses de trabajo, los estudiantes y profesores (3ºABC, Fanor y Patty) de Aprendizaje en Casa se reencuentran en clase de música para elaborar y usar instrumentos de material reciclable, y los estudiantes presenciales han tenido nuevamente la posibilidad de interpretar instrumentos, de cantar  y de jugar juntos. En ambas modalidades hacemos pequeñas coreografÃ

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