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Last Wednesday, February the 2nd, Directors, Counsellors, Students and Parents, got together to reflect upon the learning results from the first term / semester in some grades and subjects that were chosen for such a purpose. The session was very enriching as we were able to identify the achievements and challenges in order to build an academic improvement plan that favors continuous improvement. Having the perspective from various actors allowed us to broaden our perspective and design strategies that support the development and learning of our students.

We are committed to providing our families with an education of quality keeping in mind our Guiding Statements (Institutional Purpose, Highest Priority Goal, Courtesy and Virtues Development) and Strategic Intent (our 3 Pillars). To achieve this, having spaces devoted to think to what extent we are getting closer to the expected goals are fundamental to accomplish those desired futures.

We thank all those who accompanied us as well as the Ministry of Education for promoting these sessions of dialogue in which we strengthen our community!

Alethia Bogoya Principal

El pasado miércoles 2 de febrero, Directivos, Orientadores, Estudiantes y Padres de Familia, nos reunimos para reflexionar en torno a los resultados de los aprendizajes del primer trimestre / semestre, en algunos grados y asignaturas escogidos para tal fin. Fue una sesión muy enriquecedora que nos permitió identificar los aciertos y desafÃ

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