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A new Christmas: Hope, Faith and Gratitude

Dear Rochesterian Community:

This semester, within the extracurricular dance and music groups from Transición to Twelfth Grade, was a balm of positive energy, of meeting again with smiles, of feeling again the body in communion with other bodies, of perceiving ourselves as groups assembled to the sound of musical notes and vibrant songs, to do what we all love the most from the indisputable work of teaching and learning to see the world from the magical lens of art. 

The artists who performed last Friday, December 3 at 5:00 p.m. are of all ages, genders and colors. We met from the diversity, interculturality and globality of a repertoire that reminds us how small the world is when we sing, dance and play an instrument. We challenged the difficult, we challenged the complex, we moved in the cadenced waters of rhythm and we colored that night with brushstrokes of hope, faith and gratitude. Gratitude for being here and now with you when so many that we remember are no longer here; faith because the certainty and security of being together allowed us to reach that moment; hope because only from the immensity of this word we were able to overcome the great obstacles that we lived in every corner of the universe in this last year and a half.

And our guest musical group from the FEL Foundation, ratified our values, from the three songs they gave us: La Piragua, Piel Canela and Soy, the latter being the anthem of the Foundation, composed by the same girl who sang it, Danna GarcÃ

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