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After a well-deserved vacation, we meet again in the classrooms… The Lower Elementary students had the opportunity to carry out activities to connect with their teachers and their classmates, create a safe and reliable environment, share information to see quality images of the world and carry out creative challenges. It was also possible to create the grade constitution, a space where students and teachers reflect on agreements and consequences. This constitutes an important achievement, because according to Johnatan C. Erwing, starting the year by creating the norms as a team, empowers students, allows active participation and achieves great commitment, compliance and respect. They were two wonderful days, full of laughter and joy and most importantly the purpose was fulfilled. Ana María MorenoSpanish Teacher LE

Resumen: Después de unas merecidas vacaciones, los estudiantes de Primaria Baja reflexionaron sobre los acuerdos y consecuencias, y lograron trabajar en la constitución del grado. Esto se constituye en un importante logro, pues de acuerdo con Johnatan C. Erwing, empezar el año creando las normas en equipo, empodera a los estudiantes, permite una participación activa y logra un gran compromiso, cumplimiento y respeto.

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