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Celebrating Earth Day: How Could We All Coexist?

Yesterday, Wednesday April 22nd, we celebrated Earth Day, the international motto of which was “Nature suffers and tells us to act”, as mentioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Both years, 2019 and 2020, will be remembered for the massive fires in the Amazon and Australia forests that destroyed millions of hectares of terrestrial ecosystems, without counting the deaths of millions of animals due to various factors, one of them being human beings. It is also very important to mention the most devastating plague in the history of Africa: Locusts, which destroyed thousands of hectares of crops, thus contributing to increase famine in Kenya and other African countries.

In addition to all these recent catastrophes, added to the inefficient use we make of the soil, deforestation, contamination of water, air and other environmental services that natural resources provide us, we must also add the current global health pandemic generated by COVID-19, which has a strong relationship with the health of our ecosystems.

In view of the above, and taking into consideration what has been stated by the United Nations, yesterday we celebrated Earth Day, which coincides with the year of biodiversity, therefore, the celebration focused on the role of biological diversity as an indicator of the Earth’s health.

Here at Rochester school, we have long been educating our students to realize that the future is now, reason why we generate impact today. It is important to make sure  this generation is educated with more awareness and rigor,  in order to recognize the limits of the planet and human beings.

Therefore, we invite families to develop each of the challenges described in the infographic attached to this message and to share these two videos:

1- The first one, developed by our Sustainability Team, invites us to appreciate and preserve our fauna and flora: What are we willing to do to in order to help our planet so that human beings, fauna and flora, can coexist?

2- The second video was developed by parents and students, and they invite us all to make a home garden, in order to preserve the Tree Planting Days.

We want to express our gratitude to Geraldine Zivic, Margarita Villegas, Ximena Basto and Diana Bello for this beautiful initiative. A bunch of thanks!

Jorge Quintero – Sustainability Director

Resumen: el 22 de abril celebramos el DÃ

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