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Choice Theory, Mental Health and Well-Being

Recognizing our DNA after attending the CIS Mental Health and Well-Being Workshop.

On November 2nd – 4th, the Council Of International Schools Mental Health and Well-Being Workshop was held. There were 78 attendees and 5 of them from the Americas, including the two members of the Students Wellness Center of Rochester School. During the workshop, the speakers covered diverse topics around international students’ mental health and its relation to student’s cognitive development. One of the main concerns of international schools at the workshop was how to get the schools’ board or leaders to recognize the importance of Mental Health and Well-being. Also, the challenge of implementing a schoolwide social-emotional learning culture was on the spot.

After three days of reflecting around this and listening to the speakers and attendees, I just started making visible connections with Choice Theory, and acknowledging the tools and actions we have implemented regularly. As a certified Glasser Quality School, we have demonstrated that there is nothing more important than the mental health of our community. Also, teaching the different concepts and tools for having good mental health across the curriculum has always been highly relevant for the schools’ board.

After listening to experts and best practices worldwide, I feel proud and honored to be part of a community that believes in the importance of mental health and healthy relationships. I now can state, without a doubt, that Social-emotional health and well-being runs through Rochester’s DNA.


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