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Christmas for the Children of Fusca – 3rd Grade

The mothers representing the Third Grade, Diana Rojas, Viviana Vargas and Vanessa Orerego, organized the donation for the 30 children of Fusca who attend the bilingual program of Rochester, a set of clothes, which included a pair of pants, a shirt, two pairs of socks and underwear. For the delivery of the gifts, an activity was held last Tuesday, November 30, in the shared classroom. Six second graders from Rochester gave the gifts and thanked the children of Fusca for giving us the opportunity to share part of their reality, making it a “win, win” for everyone, because the mark that is left is mutual. We believe that it is always possible to support others in multiple ways.

Thank you for this beautiful experience!

Luis Eugenio Posada Social Sustainability Coordinator

Resumen: Navidad para los Ni̱os de Fusca РSegundo Grado

Las madres representantes de Segundo Grado, Diana Rojas, Viviana Vargas y Vanessa Orerego, organizaron la donación para los 30 niños de Fusca que asisten al programa de bilingüismo del Rochester, un conjunto de ropa, que comprendÃ

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