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Come and Visit our Shared Classroom!

Each project that goes beyond the expectation level demonstrates the tenacity, perseverance, and desire of a group of students who wish to achieve high levels of quality and strengthen their intellectual and academic development.

You can find a selection of this material in the shared classroom of Building 5, Floor 1; For this reason, I extend a special invitation to the Rochester Educational Community to learn about math projects developed in grades ninth through twelfth. Starting at the entrance of the shared classroom, you can find some designs our twelfth graders completed about solids of revolution. Each project has a QR code that includes the videos, explanations, and procedures to support their products. In the office of the same block, there is a fascinating sample on three-D models to understand cuts in conic sections. There are also some didactic resources such as texts and calculators for the use of the shared classroom. 

We congratulate our students on their accomplishments and hope the community enjoys the shared images!

Jose Luis Zamora  High School Math Teacher

Resumen: ¡Te invitamos a Nuestro Salón Compartido! 

Cada proyecto que vas más allá de lo esperado, demuestra la tenacidad, constancia y deseo de un grupo de estudiantes por alcanzar altos niveles de calidad y fortalecer su desarrollo intelectual y académico. Cada proyecto desarrollado cuenta con los códigos QR, en donde están los videos, explicaciones y procedimientos que los estudiantes realizaron para sustentar sus productos. ¡Felicitamos a nuestros estudiantes por sus logros y esperamos e invitamos a la comunidad a disfrutar de las imágenes compartidas!

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