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Congratulations Alejandro Rey For Your Project to Solve Conflicts!

Did you know that some animals can help you resolve conflicts?

Second Graders have enthusiastically participated in the workshops held by the Wellness Center.

They learned to recognize, through some animals, how to act and solve their differences on a day-to-day basis: the sheep tries to please others, but forgets about its own needs; the ostrich hides its head in the ground and avoids facing and solving conflicts; the shark behaves defiantly and has no regard for others; and the owl, wisely finds the right words and the perfect solution to every situation, by willing to collaborate and finding a way for everyone to win.

We want to highlight the project of Alejandro Rey Navarrete, from Second Grade, who was able to identify himself perfectly with the owl and perceived that this is the way to resolve conflicts. And you, which animal do you identify with?

Ana MarÃ

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