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Congratulations tenth graders on your statistics work about recovered wasted

In Statistics class, the students of Tenth grade worked in teams to analyze different data sets corresponding to the school’s sustainability benchmarks. In this case,the students in my group were assigned the topic “Reused Waste at Rochester Schoolâ€. They were able to put into practice what was learned in class, for example: measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion and position, etc. Likewise, they were able to generate valuable analysis of the real percentage of waste management at school. The school was used as a living text and valuable conclusions were recorded in a blog created for this purpose.

In addition to the concepts discussed in class, our group went further and used the variation coefficient for the analysis of the respective data, thus getting the variability thereof with respect to its average. This helped us verify that the data behaves in a stable way and that our research questions contained the information obtained from the interview with Mr. Bautista (in charge of waste management at school). Likewise, we made a comparison with the data of other classmates on the Waste generated at Rochester School, to obtain an approximate percentage of what the school is reusing and what it is sending as unused waste. 

Jose Luis Zamora Mathematics Teacher


En la clase de EstadiÌstica los estudiantes de Noveno Grado realizaron un trabajo en equipos donde se analizaron diferentes conjuntos de datos correspondientes a los referentes de sostenibilidad del colegio. En este caso, mi grupo de estudiantes recibioÌ el toÌpico de “Residuos Reutilizados en el Colegio Rochesterâ€. Se logroÌ poner en praÌctica lo que se aprendioÌ en la clase, por ejemplo: medidas de tendencia central, medidas de dispersioÌn y de posicioÌn, etc. De igual forma, pudieron generar valiosos anaÌlisis que dan cuenta del porcentaje real del manejo de residuos en el colegio. Se produjo la utilizacioÌn del colegio como texto vivo y se consignaron valiosas conclusiones en un blog creado para tal fin.

AdemaÌs de los conceptos tratados en clase, nuestro grupo fue maÌs allaÌ y utilizamos el coeficiente de variacioÌn para el anaÌlisis de los respectivos datos, obteniendo asÃ

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