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Cooperative Learning – Getting to Know Our Body – Kinder

During the week of November 22-26, our kindergarten students began learning about their bodies. They have used expressions such as “I have two arms” and “this is my elbow…” to answer questions related to the topic.

They collected leaves and flowers from the park, to work in the shared classroom and create, as a group, posters about the body, using different materials.

As a self-evaluation, they shared what they liked about the activity and what they could improve next time. Their work is on display and we can all appreciate their creativity – congratulations!

Kinder Family Coordinators  Shared classroom teacher

Resumen: Aprendizaje cooperativo – Conociendo nuestro cuerpo

Durante la semana del 22 al 26 de noviembre, nuestros estudiantes de jardÃ

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