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Dance UNCOLI – Bailando en Espiral

It was not so long ago when together we took our first steps onto the stages of the Uncoli Bachillerato Dance Festival, which undoubtedly holds a special place in our hearts. This festival is the symbol of our path as performers and experience as dancers. We had the privilege of enjoying the dance that exists at the school level in Bogota, and so over the years we saw the progress and evolution of all schools that without fail leave the best of themselves on stage. We are moved to know that dance is still more alive than ever. But also, it is an opportunity that we could always count on to create art and to surpass ourselves every year. With the tradition of building as a team the narrative guideline and inspiration for each piece, Uncoli has always been a challenging and motivating project. It became the space to learn to connect the steps with the heart. There are countless times that we have been vulnerable in front of our peers; writing, reading, and improvising; feelings, emotions, memories, fears, dreams; the most precious of our subconscious we share with each other and then with the public. We leave our souls uncovered year after year. However, this wonderful event not only left us the experience of creating and performing, but also friendships and eternal memories. That is why today, as almost graduates, we ask ourselves in retrospect: What was dancing in high school for me?

Ana SofÃ

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