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“District 9” From an Interdisciplinary Perspective.

Spanish, Speech & Composition 3 students attended an interdisciplinary discussion about the film “District 9”. During the day, several teachers and experts analyzed the film from their area of knowledge.

Kimon Steenpoorte, World History & Geography teacher, spoke about the representation of segregation in the film and how it can be associated with apartheid. Karla Varela, Physics & Energy teacher, explained the relationship between the nuclear fission and fusion engine projects and the ship engines in the movie; she also talked about the exoskeletons that exist today and the science fiction ones in “District 9”.

For his part, Jorge Quintero, Sustainability Director, referred to the ecosystem in which the aliens lived and their relationship with humans, and invited the students to reflect, as systemic citizens, on how we coexist with different species in our environment, as well as social groups.

In addition, Juan Francisco Gómez, Spanish Curriculum Director, related the history of science fiction and its representation in the film; and Spanish, Speech & Composition 3 teachers, Leonardo Betancourt and Paola González, analyzed power and heroism as a symbolic representation.

As a result of the interdisciplinary day, the students prepared a popular article, where they highlighted the aspects that most caught their attention both in the lectures and in “District 9”.

We invite you to read these interesting articles.

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