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Establishment of the Student Council

We are celebrating the establishment of the main mechanism for student participation: the Student Council. In spite of the logistical difficulties generated by the Pandemic, over the past two weeks, Assemblies were held via Zoom, where, thanks to hybrid voting, i.e., virtual and face-to-face, the Student Council was established.  

We are grateful to all the candidates from Fourth to Twelfth grades, who demonstrated, through their speeches, the application of Rochester virtues such as leadership and professional self-evaluation. Likewise, through the presentation of their proposals, they were able to demonstrate their integrity and systemic thinking and acting, within the contexts where they belong. It is a great achievement for the community to see our students exercising their rights, practicing democracy and evidencing their learning.

We also highlight and value the support given by Family Coordinators, Mentors and Relationship Directors to the Social Science Teachers, who led this democratic process in their respective grades.  

The new Representatives will work on behalf of student interests and hopefully become the channel for Rochester students to feel represented in the decision-making processes of our community. 

Milena Caballero 

Resumen: Conformación del Consejo Estudiantil

Estamos celebrando que se logró conformar el principal mecanismo de participación de los estudiantes: el Consejo Estudiantil. A pesar de las dificultades logÃ

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