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Exhibition and Pedagogical Trip to the 5th Photographic Hall Colegio Los Nogales

Gabriela Afanador, Visual Arts Teacher

After several years without visiting exhibition halls in person, the day came to meet again with the images, with teachers and with places we had visited.

So, we set out for Colegio los Nogales. It was as if it was the first time we had gone out to exhibit and visit a visual art exhibition. We organized the logistics and the necessary protocols (Daep, permissions, buses, bus cards, texts, follow-up, assembly, etc.) and we distributed the tasks with the support of many people. Thus, we participated in the 5th Photographic Salon of Los Nogales School, where we found photographs of the different primary and high school grades and IB (International Baccalaureate) students.

Rochester School participated with analog, experimental and digital photography. The 9th grade students paid tribute to the surrealist photographer Man Ray, to his photographic laboratory work, La Goma Bicromatada with its shapes and silhouettes of nature, and also presented surrealist videos of 10th grade.

Also, the 7th grade dance students joined this exhibition by presenting their photographs in tribute to Ruth Saint Denis, Ted Shawn, Loie Fuller and Isadora Duncan, great influencers of the arts in general, especially modern dance in the early twentieth century.

Luisa Mateus, Dance teacher

The outing to the art exhibition was quite an interesting experience as we were able to see many works of art with several different techniques and perspectives, which was a learning opportunity to implement in future projects. What I value most about this kind of visits is the fact of being able to see other student productions, how they express themselves through art, and finding beautiful works with deep messages.

Angelina Chiodo 9th grade

The pedagogical outing to Nogales was very interesting. I found many works that I liked, many interesting artists, and I liked the perspective that different schools showed about art. Upon entering, the first exhibits I found were recreations of others, then I saw some pictures of changed animals, where I saw a hummingbird with the head of an elephant. How crazy! Then to the right we found images proposed by the Marymount, in which I saw photographs of the woman’s body that I consider fantastic. Finally, my favorite image I found in the corridor of exhibits from other schools. It was a retro collage-type exhibit on self-esteem. I liked its use of color and style, as well as the message it sent.

Mariana Vasquez 9th grade  Video summary of the exhibition


Gabriela Afanador, Profesora de Artes Visuales:

Después de varios años sin visitar salas de exposición de manera presencial, llegó el dÃ

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