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Family Tree Activity, Spanish Class – 11th Grade

As a final project of the Eleventh grade Spanish class, a family tree was made. The purpose of this activity was to investigate our family lineage and learn about ourselves. The tree was to include important people close to us in our families, such as parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great-grandparents. The more information we could find the better, so in class, we agreed on some research categories. These included: place and date of birth/death, marriage, occupation, reason for migration, political affiliation, cause of death, educational level, personal anecdote, and photo. With this activity we were able to realize where our family comes from, not only our history, but that of our parents, uncles, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We were able to meet people who shared our surname and family lineage, of whom we had no knowledge of their existence. It was quite a fun activity; being able to sit down with our parents and talk about our family, remember anecdotes, look at family albums and learn a little more about all of us.

Take a look at some family trees from Eleventh grade students. 

Valerie Villegas, Mariana Vázquez and Juan Nicolás Acosta 11º Grade Students

Resumen: Actividad del Ãrbol Genealógico, Clase de Español – 10º Grado

Como proyecto final de la materia de español, en décimo grado, se hizo un árbol genealógico. Esta actividad tuvo como fin, investigar sobre nuestro linaje familiar y conocer sobre nosotros mismos. El árbol debÃ

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