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Finding a Meaningful Space – Shared Classroom – 3rd Grade

Shared classrooms are but one of the unique features you can find in Rochester School, and each floor of classrooms has one. In 3rd Grade, one of the challenges has been to try to create a meaningful space, outside the classroom, for our students to learn and have fun. One way has been by making the hub “Interactiveâ€, through resources specifically tailored to enhance and challenge their knowledge. Kids actively and voluntarily jump at the opportunity to demonstrate how to take charge of their learning.

Margaret Meredith Bilingual Shared Classroom Teacher in 3rd Grade & English for Fusca 

Resumen: Las áulas compartidos que se encuentran en el Colegio Rochester, son una de las cosas que lo hacen único, y cada piso de salones tiene una.  En segundo grado, el desafÃ

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