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Green Apple Day – Our Anual Day of Service

On April 22, Green Apple Day was celebrated within the framework of Earth Day, which is a date on which the community provides an environmental service to their school and surroundings to generate healthy and environmentally friendly spaces.

The Green Apple Day of Service was created by the U.S. Sustainable Building Council, and being a LEED GOLD certified school, we joined this worldwide celebration.

The students who participated during all the activities had the opportunity to learn and raise solutions to environmental and social issues that affect us daily. Likewise, the students of the CASE (School Social Environmental Committee) not only supported the activities but were an integral part of them by teaching the little ones about these relevant issues in our lives.

Jorge Quintero Sustainability Director

Resumen:El pasado 22 de abril se celebró el Green Apple Day dentro del marco del DÃ

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