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Happy Mothers Day!

Mother, what a short word and yet so meaningful. We, at Rochester School, treasure and value the tremendous work they carry out everyday to support the well-being of their families. We strongly believe that mothers are hidden angels on earth, who take loving care of the people around them. Their intuition and their abilities to see beyond and feel the needs of each member of their families are unique, as well as their capacity to understand and empathize with the emotions of everyone in order to maintain the integral health of those they care for.

Today we want to recognize these angels with hidden wings who are able to:

  1. Be optimistic

  2. Cook

  3. Clean

  4. Work from home

  5. Teach their children

  6. Protect their homes

  7. Take care of their husbands

  8. Offer unconditional love

  9. Model kindness

  10. Show resilience

  11. Stay calm under pressure

  12. Demonstrate love in many ways

  13. Act with tenderness

  14. Keep the faith

  15. Plan ahead

  16. Take chances

May all of our mothers have a celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10th. May God keep you in good health and wellness, always remembering that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain. 

We invite all our families to celebrate these wonderful angels undercovered as human beings in our spiritual service, where we will pray and sing for them: Sunday, May 10th at 10:00 a.m.

Password: 459329

Thank you mothers for staying true to your roles! Never stop making wishes and believing that tomorrow will come with transformation and reinvention of yourselves!

Presidency, Principalship and Educational Directors Team

Resumen: madres, ¡qué palabra tan corta y, sin embargo, tan significativa! Nosotros en el Colegio Rochester atesoramos y valoramos el tremendo trabajo que hacen las madres todos los dÃ

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