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Heroes and Heroines – Parents of Jerónimo Cabrera from Grade 2ndC – Homage to Teachers

In our time, we looked for heroes on television, then in the movies, and so we grew up dreaming of someday being able to meet a real one. Today we can say that we have met real-life heroes and heroines: people who take care of the most sacred thing God gave us: our children. These heroes and heroines are people who put themselves at risk every day physically, battling through strikes and protests; psychologically, through the pressure imposed by this pandemic and confinement; and economically, with the effects of the situation. Despite the adversities, they continued to provide their best version to our son, virtually and physically. While our reality is difficult, we see our son with good energy coming from the school.

We want with this message to express not only gratitude and support, which is something we have reiterated, but also today our admiration for your courage, sacrifice and energy to make this a better world and it will be. Thank you all for being so special, because more than financial compensation, you will have in our hearts a compensation of eternal gratitude for knowing that you gave us balms in the midst of this pandemic.

To you Heroes and Heroines: Thank you, a thousand thanks and all the blessings of the universe!

Resumen: En mi época buscábamos Héroes en la televisión, luego en el cine, y asÃ

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