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High Performance Volleyball Team is Back at Rochester.

This semester sport activities were reactivated, with the women’s team and in turn after 5 years, to form the men’s team, with 16 athletes between the junior and senior categories, thus having the opportunity to participate after two years of inactivity in the Uncoli championship with both branches. They played 5 matches, obtaining 3 victories.

We end this year, proud to be able to tell you, that we reached 50 athletes, with projection of more players for the next semester, enabling more enrichment in the physical and mental health of students and welcoming greater participation in future competitions.

Alison López Sepúlveda Entrenadora de Voleibol Club Deportivo Rochester

Resumen: Vuelve el High Performance Volleyball Team al Rochester.

Este semestre se reactivaron las actividades deportivas con el equipo femenino y a su vez, conformar después de 5 años, el equipo masculino, contando con 16 deportistas entre las categorÃ

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