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Hunger in the World by Santiago Alvarez, Nicolas Bejarano, and Juanita Duque – Tenth Grade

In Celina Rojas’ Religion class, we created an infographic to propose different solutions to avoid the waste of food that one person or entire families can generate. Our work had to contain a slogan that would get the public’s attention, and that is what we did because we can solve the hunger of the world one dish at a time. We believe that our end product went beyond what was expected because we created solutions that included various methods of communication. We feel proud of what we accomplished and invite the community to read our solutions to combat world hunger! 

Santiago Alvarez, Nicolás Bejarano y Juanita Duque Tenth Grade Students

Resumen: Hambre En El Mundo por Santiago Alvarez, Nicolás Bejarano y Juanita Duque – Grado Noveno

En la clase de religión de Celina Rojas, se creó una infografÃ

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