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International Mother Language Day and Rochester’s Language Show and Tell Day – Real Worl

On February 22 Rochester School celebrated the “International Mother Language Day” with its customary “SHOW AND TELL”, where each of the students had the opportunity to participate in different ways. In Lower Elementary, first grade presenters, through magic, led us to live the world of DESCRIPTION, as the central theme, because accompanied by a magic bag full of different objects, they gave the public the opportunity to blindly describe the object they touched and guess what element it was.

They also enjoyed making a poster called “All About Me†where they wrote about different aspects of each other. To finish, the exhibitors described a character as simultaneously the public had the chance to draw it.

On the other hand, from the reading “Assembly in the carpentry” they discovered the importance of teamwork, the use of constructive habits, and quality work.

As a closure for the SHOW AND TELL, they participated in a Literary Picnic, where different people from other departments of the school shared with the children reading a story in spaces other than the classroom.

Author: Claudia Liliana Vásquez Teacher of Real World Spanish in 1st and 2nd Grades

Resumen: El pasado 22 de febrero del año en curso el Colegio Rochester celebró “El dÃ

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