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Isabel Granados – Great achievements in Pointillism – Art Class – 5th Grade

In the Fifth Grade art class, Isabel Granados has stood out for her perseverance, practice and talent. Particularly, in the work linked to the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century, we decided to approach pointillism, whose main exponent was the Frenchman George Seurat. This technique is very attractive in the XXI century, as it has been reinvented in the digital era as “pixel art”, it is very versatile because it allows the integration of different materials, as Isabel did, pencil drawing, watercolor and some dots with plasticine. As she went at a faster pace than her classmates, we decided to make a more advanced level for her, creating a jaguar in beads as shown in the photo. (This is the technique in which I have specialized as a plastic artist, working in parallel with teaching). It is also worth mentioning that her work is participating in the UNESCO international contest whose theme is wildlife. Congratulations to Isabel and we wish her to continue advancing in her creative processes hand in hand with her parents, teachers and classmates.

Daniel Molina S. Art teacher Elementary- Middle school

Resumen:En la clase de artes de Cuarto Grado, Isabel Granados se ha destacado por su constancia, práctica y talento. Particularmente, en el trabajo vinculado a las vanguardias artÃ

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