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Jumping and Coordinating – Physical Education – 3rd Grade

During the two last terms of the school year, the students in the Physical Education subject learned different ways of jumping with the short rope, they practiced different jumps, one by one, until they reached the point of performing backward cross jumps.

Aware of the benefits that this type of exercise brings, such as improving resistance, general coordination, speed, rhythm, muscle toxicity, and concentration, among others; each of the students improved the quality and quantity of their jumps through practice in class and at home. Children commented that it had become an exercise routine at home, sharing with family or friends in a fun and, of course, very healthy way.

Wilson Mesa Physical Education Teacher from Prekindergarten to Third Grade

Resumen: Durante los dos últimos trimestres del año escolar los estudiantes en la asignatura de Educación FÃ

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