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Kindness and Service in Action – Religious Education – 12th Grade

The 12th Grade students, during the class hours of the Servant Leadership subject in the second semester, have developed with a generous and responsible spirit a high quality service on the following fronts:

  1. Support for the Learning Resources Center (CRA).

  2. Support for the English project for Fusca (Accompaniment at lunch, in English classes and in swimming classes.

  3. Accompaniment in the break of Lower Elementary

  4. Garden maintenance

  5. Personal support of infrastructure and cleanliness

  6. Furniture manufacturing

  7. Paintwork

  8. Workshop work

  9. Waste management

  10. Follow-up to collectors

  11. Composting

Celina Maria Rojas Diaz Curriculum Director Religious Education Area


Los estudiantes de 11º Grado, durante las horas de clase de la asignatura Liderazgo de Servicio en el segundo semestre han desarrollado con espÃ

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