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Learning about Traffic Rules – Social Studies – 5th Grade

This trimester, Fourth Graders, worked on different assignments they could choose from to demonstrate their knowledge of traffic rules. At the same time they could propose their own ways to demonstrate the Advanced and Master levels according to their interests and abilities within the THISREAL guidelines of the school.

With this opportunity, the student Juan José Piedrahita proposed to make a board game to teach his classmates about traffic regulations in a fun and entertaining way.

This work demonstrates how it is possible to learn a complex subject while meeting the students’ basic need for fun.

An excellent example of Rochesterian quality work.

Here we can see the work of Juan José in his own words.

Carlos Llanos Parias Upper Elementary Social Sciences Teacher

Resumen:Este trimestre, los estudiantes de Tercer Grado trabajaron en diferentes desempeños que podÃ

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