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Learning beyond expectations in Social Sciences with Carlos Llanos

I am pleased to receive in this new school year a group of students in 6th Grade with sound and useful training in the area of ​​Social Sciences thanks to the excellent work of their last teacher Carlos Llanos. His students from the previous academic year show incredible interest in the topics of Pre-Hispanic Culture, and developed skills and competencies that go beyond expectations in the learning and construction of collective and individual knowledge.

Every year, Rochester School plans extensive days of training, education and preparation of its team of Teachers to receive our students with open arms and with a wide range of experiences, knowledge and useful learning for life. In these spaces we study and evaluate what they learned with the previous year’s curriculum and what they require for this year. These behaviors and knowledge enable us to propose topics, activities and learning that satisfy individual needs and that respond to the curricular standard of the country established by the Ministry of Education.

I must admit that Mr. Carlos Llanos did an extraordinary job with the children who are now in 6th grade and who are currently working with me on the subject of Pre-Hispanic Culture and American Colonization. I must admit that without the bases given by Carlos it would have been difficult to start a process as complex as that of reviewing these cultural and historical references. Thanks to the praiseworthy work of Mr. Llanos, I feel confident that I can take take these students to a happy port, as with enthusiasm and interest they have set an agile, efficient and joyful study pace that makes each class a new and enriching experience for all. 

Thanks 6th Grade students for your effort, work and excellent attitude to learn and build new experiences that fill us with happiness.

Thank you Mr. Carlos Llanos for this significant teaching achievement with our students. Congratulations!

On this occasion, Hanna, Owen and Gabriela tell us about their experiences from the past year and the present

Pedro Genes Social Studies Teacher

Resumen: Tengo el agrado de recibir este nuevo año un grupo de estudiantes en 5to  Grado con una formación sólida y útil más allá de lo esperado en el área de Sociales gracias a la excelente labor del profesor Carlos Llanos. Los estudiantes formados el año inmediatamente anterior manifiestan interés por los temas de Cultura Prehispánica, asÃ

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