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Learning from the real world

Middle School students who opted for On-Campus Learning returned with vigour and energy to classes after five long months. In Spanish, Speech & Composition, “working hand in hand†(with two-meter distancing) with their teacher, Mary Paredes, everyone wearing their their face masks and shields as preventive measures, they rediscovered their school, their learning and recreational spaces, their dear classrooms where they have had so many wonderful moments, the Learning Resources Center, the Auditeria, their Art and Music classrooms, the soccer and basketball courts, the swimming pool, playing in the parks, the green areas, etc., always united by one unique educational project. They enjoyed sunlight and fresh air, walking around the facilities and enjoyed the spaces they missed: their second home. Afterwards, already in the Spanish class they recreated these moments and gave them life with words through a creative writing exercise.

A large number of Middle School students continue with home learning assuming with responsibility their duties and the social restrictions imposed by the preventive measures faced with the pandemic evolution. We all long for the awaited normality taken away from us, so that we can all go back to share our campus and give each other a sincere and fraternal embrace.

(video testimony by Diego Sierra from 7thC)

Juan Francisco Gómez, Spanish Curriculum Director de from 4th – 12th

Resumen: Aprendiendo del Mundo Real

Los estudiantes de Escuela Media regresaron con ahÃ

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