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Making T-shirts with Triangles and Quadrilaterals – Math Class – Upper Elementary

The fourth-grade students had the opportunity to explore the origin of different figures within the family of the quadrilaterals and triangles. They combined their knowledge of lines (line segments, lines, and rays) with angles (acute, obtuse, and right angle) to understand why the figures are classified as they are.

During this activity, the students were assigned a figure and then design a t-shirt. Afterward, they had to theatricalize the family of the quadrilaterals and the triangles to create a visual image. We took advantage of the situation to take the photo of the Math class.

In this opportunity, there are some students that showed outstanding creativity, leadership, and willingness. Those who will be acknowledged are: Juan Antonio Klopper, Simon Caro, Maria Victoria Diaz, Matias Castellanos, Salomon Lopez, and Juan Jose Piedrahita.

Alfonso MejÃ

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