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Matter Matters! – Natural & Environmental Science – 2nd Grade

Second-grade students have been learning about matter and its properties. They have learned that matter is everything around us and it can be found in three different states (Solids, liquids, and gases). They did an experiment to compare solids and liquids and see how they are different from each other. They compared the shape of the water and the shape of marble in different containers, to conclude that liquids take the shape of their container and solids have a definite shape. The platform Seesaw was another useful resource to help students classify different objects according to their state. 

Angélica Plata Teacher of Natural & Environmental Science in 1st ABC, 2nd ABC, 3rd ABC, and Family Coordinator of 1st C

Resumen:Los estudiantes de 1º han estado aprendiendo sobre la materia y sus propiedades. Han aprendido que la materia es todo lo que nos rodea y que puede encontrarse en 3 diferentes estados: sólido, lÃ

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