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Medicine and Mathematic Models – Pi Day – Highschool

Luis Carlos Andres Pardo is a 2019 Rochester alumni who was part of the AP Calculus class and who is currently a student in the faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional. During Pi Day 12th graders saw the presentation where he showed the illustrated relationship between medicine and mathematics by analyzing different mathematical models used to assist patients and study pharmacology, epidemiology, and molecular biology among many others.

The project presented has a focus on different areas of study such as mathematics, medicine, epidemiology, and mathematical models. Among the models presented in this project, some explained were: deterministic, probabilistic, quantitative, qualitative, among others. This project that began as an investigation born from curiosity and as a class assignment has now turned into a paper soon to publish and a presentation that creates a moment for seniors to ask about the university, and to learn about the research process at university. It also worked as an example of the applications of the mathematical tools that are learned during high school in a subject most think is math-free.

José Luis Zamora F. Math Teacher 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th 11th Coordinator

Resumen: Durante el DÃ

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