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Meeting with the Author: Eloy Moreno - December 1 at Rochester School

Actualizado: 6 dic 2023

AUTHOR, ELOY MORENO Coming soon to Rochester School

On December 1, the tenth grade students will have the opportunity to receive the Spanish writer, Eloy Moreno, dedicated to writing novels, short stories and stories for adults, youth and children. The writer has been the winner of different awards, namely: Premio Yoleo 2018, Premio Hache 2019, Premio novela Juvenil El Corte Inglés 2020 and Premio Cento Italia 2021 he was also a finalist of the Menjalibres Awards 2018. Among his books are: EL BOLÍGRAFO DE GEL VERDE, (his first book), INVISIBLE, DIFFERENTE, CUANDO ERA DIVERTIDO, TIERRA, CUENTOS PARA ENTENDER EL MUNDO REGALO, LO QUE ENCONTRÉ BAJO EL SOFÁ. The topics he deals with are based on real life stories, painful, controversial and uncomfortable. Because of the way the situations are presented, the reader receives feelings of empathy, solidarity, indignation, identification and many other impressions. To open a book by Eloy Moreno is to open the heart and enjoy life lessons and wisdom. In his writing, narrative in one or several voices predominates, although he includes description, dialogue and interior monologue and always, always raises the importance of human connection, to avoid hurting each other and to create a better world.

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