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Middle and High School launch Edgenuity online courseware

Our Academic team is working diligently to improve the teaching and learning experience of our students who are on campus and at home through student-centered inquiry, self-paced learning, differentiation, and technology use. This week’s highlight is High School Mathematics.

Research shows that blending technology with teacher-led instruction may be particularly effective in helping students succeed academically (Stanford, Crowe, & Flice, 2010; Cavanaugh, 2013; Means, Toyama, Murphy, & Bakia, 2013; Pane, Steiner, Baird, & Hamilton, 2015). Edgenuity® online courses and curriculum combine the face-to-face experience of the classroom teacher with the flexibility of online learning for a blended, digital learning experience.

For 2020–21, Rochester School purchased this platform to enhance our Middle and High School curricula, particularly in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, and to promote student-centered and inquiry-based learning. Our teachers and Curriculum Directors have been working tirelessly to design, develop, and implement a plan to incorporate this online learning system into our subject area curricula and maximize the course content offerings and features of this online learning system.

For the past few weeks, our academic team has been participating in training workshops and collaborative planning meetings to prepare to launch this program on September 14, 2020. Students received their login information, engaged in various learning activities to introduce them to the online platform and orient them towards the use thereof. It is with great satisfaction that we see them now using the content as part of their curriculum.

Through this online learning program, we aim to not only improve our students’ competencies in the aforementioned content areas, but also to develop their THISREAL life competencies in Technology use, Inquiry thinking and acting, Systems thinking and Solving issues, Analysis & Assessment of self, Leading (their own learning), and Language competence.

We hereby express our appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work, extra hours and commitment of our teachers and Curriculum Directors to improve the quality of teaching and learning for our students.

Dana L. Pao, M.Ed. Academic Director, Grades 4–12

Resumen: El Colegio Rochester adquirió esta plataforma para 2020-21, con el fin de mejorar nuestro currÃ

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