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New Learnings in Sustainability

Congratulations to Daniela Escobar, intern in the sustainability area, for her academic and professional achievements during her time at Rochester School. Daniela is finishing her tenth semester of Chemical Engineering at the Technological University of Bolivar.

At Rochester School, Daniela explained to the students how solar panels work. With the support of the School and theRochester Educational Foundation, Daniela has managed to conclude her thesis on “Thermal, bromatological, and morphological characterization of plant species native to the Caribbean Region, that can be used as reinforcements in bioplastics, and to restore oil-derived damage in the environment.”

Among her activities at Rochester, Daniela explains to the students about the use of the photovoltaic panels in our facilities.

Liliana Valencia Communications Coordinator

Resumen: Felicitaciones a Daniela Escobar, practicante del área de sostenibilidad, por sus logros académicos y profesionales en su paso por el Colegio Rochester. Daniela está terminando décimo semestre de IngenierÃ

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