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Olympic Games in Prekinder – Integrated Project – Prekinder

Our school year is coming to an end and with it our integrated project. We closed our project learning about the origin of the Olympic Games in the city of Olympia, Greece, the original sports included in this competition, and how the event was a time of peace and international cooperation; it was a time of truce and fellowship.

On Friday we held our own version of the Olympic Games, where they passed the Olympic torch and learned about the Olympic Rings, understanding that even when we represent different nations, we all belong to one world and share one heart.

With the leadership of Mr. Wilson Mesa, students participated in an event of sports and fun. They rotated through different athletic circuits that included short sprints, hurdles, long jumps, and ball shots.

We concluded the event with each student receiving their olive branch crown to celebrate their participation and effort during our games.

Author: Camila Clavijo English and Math teacher and Family Coordinator PkA

Resumen: Estamos llegando al final de nuestro año escolar y con él culminamos nuestro proyecto integrado “It’s a Small Worldâ€. Cerramos nuestro proyecto aprendiendo sobre el origen de los Juegos OlÃ

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