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Our health and the environmental crisis

We are proud to announce and share that on Thursday, October 15, 2020, we held the webinar “Our Health and the Environmental Crisis” with more than 100 attendees. The speakers were Juan Pablo Aljure, President of Rochester Education Foundation and Climate Leader of the Climate Reality Project, Jorge Quintero, Sustainability Director at Rochester School, and Pámela Ospina, Architect at Rochester School and Climate Leader of the Climate Reality Project.

The purpose of this webinar was to talk about the current reality of climate change and its direct relationship with the health of the communities. We addressed issues related with the causes and consequences of climate change, the relation with climatic phenomena around the world and the direct impact on the health of people and communities. Additionally, solutions in the short, medium and long term were also discussed, with special emphasis on the use of renewable energy, tree-planting activities and changes in consumption habits.

We held the webinar in the month of October in order to join the “24-hour Reality” initiative of the Climate Reality Project, led by Al Gore. During the second week of October, 2020, more than 800 leadership events were held around the world to raise awareness about climate change and the solutions thereof. In Latin America, 35 leadership events were held, including our Webinar.

We feel happy and proud to be have been able to share the science behind climate change with our community and external participants and add voices to raise awareness and propose solutions. We thank all attendees and we look forward to having new voices, ideas and hands to generate effective changes in our community to allow us to live a more sustainable life. 

Pámela Ospina Robledo Landscape Architect Virtues Development Curricular Coordinator 

Resumen: El jueves, 15 de octubre de 2020, realizamos el webinar “Nuestra Salud y la Crisis Ambiental”, y contamos con más de 100 asistentes. Los conferencistas fueron Juan Pablo Aljure, Presidente de la Fundación Educativa Rochester y LÃ

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