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Podcast: “Long live Auditory Textsâ€, by Pablo Gonzalez, Ninth Grade

We invite you to listen to  Pablo Gonzalez’ podcast on the wonderful book of Maus. In the midst of this congested environment, auditory texts are a great opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of imagining what the sender tells us, listen to know, listen to learn and  listen to give an opinion. Our Ninth grade readers carried out a great analysis of the literary work read in class and produced a creative auditory text. We acknowledge the performance and achievement of our student Pablo Andrés González in his Podcast production on the wonderful book of Maus. Congratulations Pablo!

Leonardo Betancourt Spanish Speech & Composition Teacher


Conocemos el mundo que nos rodea a través de la visión, pues vivimos en un contexto de imágenes coloridas; pantallas digitales de 4K, vallas publicitarias computarizadas, videollamadas, menús de restaurantes con fotografÃ

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