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Recognizing our Faculty Team- Our Consultant Team

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been” Henry Kissinger

In this edition of our Thursday Times, we want to recognize our consultant team: Sonia Muñoz, Glasser Quality Consultant, Natalia León, Digital Coach, and Dana Pao, English Curriculum Specialist & Coach. 

Sonia, Natalia, and Dana are helping us to revise, refine and improve what we do in terms of recertifying as a Glasser Quality School, effectively implementing our program Bring your Own Device -BYOD- and consolidating our English curriculum. Thanks for all your efforts towards achieving a Quality School!

We kindly invite you to read it at home.

Resumen: En esta edición del Thursday Times queremos reconocer a nuestro equipo de consultores: Sonia Muñoz, Consultora de Colegios de Calidad Glasser, Natalia León, Consultora Digital y Dana Pao, Especialista Curricular y Consultora de Inglés. ¡Gracias por todos sus esfuerzos para lograr un Colegio de Calidad!

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