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Relaciones de Calidad Como Base Para un Aprendizaje Significativo – Physical Education –

I think, from my role as a Physical Education teacher, that all students can be successful in this class. One day, remembering chapter 12 of the book, Every Student Can Be Successful by William Glasser, I thought, what can I do so that all students who take this class can develop the expected learning…. I came to the conclusion that it is not really the activities but the way in which I connect with them, children who before did not achieve their learning successfully now achieve everything and at an advanced and/or masterful level of learning, children who could not control their hands to catch a ball now do it and belong to the school’s representative teams, children who can take a rope and jump over it, children who are empowered and see their lives differently, who feel loved and valued, children who have in their world of quality either the class or the teacher.

In the last few sports we have had much more challenging tests, I like them because the teacher gives us enough time to practice and for him to help people who are not making it, it also gives us the opportunity to play and not just be thinking about the evaluation. Antonio Devia Bernal 4A.

We are currently practicing field hockey and as always mister Carlitos is present to support us in whatever we need. Physical education is a subject that puts into practice school values such as teamwork, empathetic listening and environmental well-being, among others. It also helps to improve our physical abilities. Isabella Duarte Amaya 4B.

I have felt very supported and listened to by my teacher, which makes the class an incredible learning place. I accept that before I could not do a single bounce in with the racquet, but thanks to the support of my teacher I managed to get the best grade. In conclusion, the P.E. class is not just an ordinary class, it is a quality class, with a caring, friendly and fun teacher. I hope to have this same experience next term. Isabella Camacho Lora.

Carlos Pinzón Physical Education Teacher

Resumen: Pienso, desde mi rol como docente de Educación FÃ

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