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Rochester Acrostics – Spanish Class – 1st Grade

By reading the book “From A to Z Colombia” by Beatriz Vanegas, as a complement to our textbook, First Grade students are learning to value the cultural heritage of Colombia. They found different manifestations of our musical and gastronomic culture, important places, native objects, oral traditions, festivals, and carnivals.

Then they wrote acrostics with the word ROCHESTER and chose content from the reading to complete them. (An acrostic is a composition, in verse or prose, in which certain letters of each verse or phrase, read vertically, form a word or message).

Ximena Morales

Resumen:Los estudiantes de Transición están aprendiendo a valorar el patrimonio cultural de Colombia,  leyendo el libro “De A a la Z Colombia” de Beatriz Vanegas, como complemento a nuestro libro de texto. AllÃ

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