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School´s Policy For Collecting Money

We want to share with our community the procedure for collecting money, which aims to guarantee transparency in the process and will be followed as of February 10th, 2020.

  1. No teacher is authorized to collect money from the community.

  2. No student is authorized to collect money from the community.

  3. When fundraising events are held, Prekinder to 12th Grade students will send the corresponding money in a sealed envelope.

  4. Teachers in charge of the event will pass by each of the classrooms with a ballot box and each student will deposit the sealed envelope there.

  5. Once all the envelopes have been placed in the ballot box, teachers will take it to the Treasury Office and there, the money is counted by Alfredo Cajamarca, the school’s treasurer, who will be accompanied by the teachers in charge.

  6. Next, Alfredo Cajamarca will prepare the corresponding receipt and at the end of the day, an informative email will be sent to the Presidency, Principalship and Administrative and Financial Area.

  7. As for the money that is collected in the Arts Center for clothing and accessories, cultural outings to the city theaters, Uncoli box office and other events, the only person authorized to collect this money, is Dora González, Assistant of the Arts Center. This is one of her responsibilities as Treasury support in Block 6 by the Presidency and the Administrative and Financial Direction.


Resumen: compartimos con nuestra comunidad la polÃ

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