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Sectors Fair – Social Science Class – High School

Students from 10th and 11th Grade, in Economics and Constitution of Colombia courses, have chosen different social activities of their interest and have related them to the sectors of the economy in a space called the “Sectors Fair”. Students have shared presentations, infographics and audiovisual material to expose their research and the relationship that each activity has with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Many students have interviewed their parents, friends and acquaintances to complement their work.

We want to share with you the following:

1. QR Codes to the interviews that Samuel Rodriguez from 10th Grade conducted with two vice presidents of Terpel in his work on the primary sector and the oil industry.

2. Josué Ariza´s video, from 11th Grade, on the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the oil sector.

Juan Nicolás Garzón Acosta Economics Teacher

Resumen: Los estudiantes de 10º y 11º, de los cursos de EconomÃ

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