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Selling Products Using Linear Equations – Math Class – 7th Grade

In Math class, we learned about Linear Equations with a very fun project. Students created 2 fictional companies, one of which they were the owners. They invented 2 plans for selling products using linear equations. Then, they designed amazing posters for a marketing campaign where they did their best to convince clients to choose their companies, using tables and graphs to show how their offers were better. If you want to see more, please come to the Shared Classroom of B4F4.

Sthefano Venga Pereira 7th Grade Math Teacher & 7thB Family Coordinator


En la clase de Matemáticas, aprendimos sobre Ecuaciones Lineales con un proyecto muy divertido. Los estudiantes crearon 2 empresas ficticias, en una de las cuales eran los dueños. Inventaron 2 planes para vender productos usando ecuaciones lineales. Luego, diseñaron afiches increÃ

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