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Social Sciences Show & Tell Day

On Friday, November 19, we had our Social Sciences and Colombia Show and Tell.

Our Lower Elementary students  demonstrated their ability to make oral presentations taking into account the quality criteria from our school.

First graders worked in a workshop about traditional Colombian games, learning about the ludic culture of Colombia.  They strengthened their visual, auditory and motor skills, as well as the values ​​and initiative that are necessary to work as a team, share, take turns, value others, and establish strong and lasting relationships to be happy.

Second grade  students taught others about circle meetings and their importance in learning empathetic listening and conversation protocols; the importance of family, what makes them unique and special while sharing their quality world, and their basic needs profiles.

In  Third grade, our students taught others what a community looks like, how we make deals, and how we build desired futures by being systemic as citizens.

Congratulations to our students for this demonstration of quality and fun learning.


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