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Spherical Trigonometry and GPS

During Precalculus class with teacher José Luis Zamora, a mini project was developed, wherein we had to apply our knowledge in the topic covered during class: the law of Sine and Cosine. For the development of the mini project we were divided into work teams and we were assigned different situations and problems. 

The topic chosen by the team was Spherical Trigonometry. When choosing this topic we knew we would face a more challenging situation and problem which required a little more research, since it was something we had not worked on before. An infographic and a video were created as a final product. In the infographic we explained the definition of Spherical Trigonometry, its historical context, the word “problem†was exposed and the solution was shown in a webpage created by us. In the video, we showed its real-life application by explaining how the GPS system works. Beyond the final products, with this mini project we were able to learn about a new topic independently, we used cooperative working roles to achieve it and we were able to understand how mathematics and trigonometry, in this case, are present in a system that we use in our daily lives. The student work goes beyond the competence since, not only did we create an infographic which met the necessary requirements, but also, with the acquired knowledge, we were able to present and explain the topic to our classmates. In the following video you will find a brief explanation of how a GPS works and how Spherical Trigonometry is used in navigation and satellite networks.

Work developed by:  Valerie Villegas, Jerónimo OrtÃ

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