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Sports for Smiles – Lower Elementary

Last Friday, April 22nd, we successfully celebrated our Sports for Smiles Day with different activities in Preschool, among which were a series of challenges of General Coordination, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination skills, memory games, speed races, jumps and our usual Soccer For Smiles in Lower Elementary.

Students once again demonstrated our Virtues (values in action), like this: Comprehensive Health: All students actively participated in maintaining their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Being Systemic: following instructions and schedules Kindness and Service: voluntary participation for a cause Cooperation: Those who did not play supported their groups as cheerleaders Integrity: Students were judges of their own matches. Self-assessment: the most important thing was participation, not the score or result. Leadership: Students naturally expressed their leadership during the activities.

Regardless of the result or score in the tests or matches in which they participated, it was a wonderful day, full of activities and energy from the students and some parents (5 per course) who accompanied their children or relatives.

Wilson Mesa Teacher of Physical Education in P, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Resumen:El pasado viernes 22 de Abril celebramos con éxito nuestro Sports for smiles Day, con diferentes actividades en el nivel de Preescolar, entre las cuales estuvieron una serie de retos de habilidades de Coordinación General, Visomanual y Visopédica, juegos de memoria, carreras de velocidad, saltos y nuestro ya habitual Soccer For Smiles en Primaria baja.

Los niños demostraron una vez más nuestras Virtudes (valores en acción), asÃ

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