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Students Academic Production – Religion Class in High School

9th Grade students, have been working on different projects in their online Religion classes. They wanted to share something of what they have been doing with the guidance of Celina Rojas. We present to you two texts in spanish of students Valerie Villegas and Daniel Romero. They also wanted to share an infographic made by Nicolás Bejarano, Sebastián Rueda and Emmanuel Melgarejo, on the importance of respecting other religions. Also, while reflecting upon what we can do to produce less food waste, Luis Fuentes and his mom shared with his class some tips. Thanks for sharing your work, students!

Resumen: los estudiantes de 8º han venido trabajando en diferentes proyectos en sus clases virtuales de Religión con el apoyo de su profesora Celina Rojas. Ellos quisieron compartir con ustedes su trabajo. Les compartimos dos textos, una infografÃ

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